Feedback agrees new tuberculosis partnership in India


Bleepa Feedback Medical Feedback PLC


  • Partnership focused on delivering CSR and donor funded screening projects
  • Aim to develop a digital model that is able to scale at pace


Feedback is pleased to announce a new partnership with the HEAL Foundation in India, to deliver community based TB screening projects, funded initially by third-party donors, to support the government’s goal of eradicating tuberculosis by 2025.

With the company’s unique field-based diagnostic and pathway capabilities and HEAL Foundation’s pioneering on-the ground approach, the aim is to bring a 21st century screening service to every community in India, even to the most remote of communities.

The focus of this partnership is to develop and drive a digital model, that is able to scale at pace, and build the case for increasing the role of technology to deliver TB screening in India, which has a population of over one billion. This will likely initially be in the form of part-funded pilot studies, which the company anticipates would cover its core project costs, to validate the digital model ahead of commercial contracts.

Feedback is aiming to provide India with a digital first screening model that harnesses the speed and accuracy of X-ray imaging, supported by AI diagnostics. Effective screening requires asymptomatic cases in all areas of society, and we believe the only way to deliver this is via X-ray imaging performed right in the heart of the community.

HEAL Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation registered under the Indian Trust Act. As a trust, it aims to engage key stakeholders of the healthcare industry in India.

Rohit Singh, Managing Director of Feedback Medical India said: “It is clear that TB screening needs a new model – and the only approach is a digitally enabled service, ideally with a digital front door and Bleepa is that enabler.

“We look forward to working with HEAL Foundation and in time believe we can adapt the screening model and together build a business case for increasing the role of technology in future projects. It is essential that we can demonstrate the benefits around delivery and scalability in order to help donors understand that technology is a critical component for delivering social impact in this space.

“We are extremely excited by this partnership – with World TB Day yesterday, further raising public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic consequences of TB, we very much hope to be part of the solution in India.”