Bleepa achieves CE Mark - Raising the bar for medical communication platforms

Bleepa® is an application for clinical staff to securely message and view medical images in real time on their phones and mobile devices, linking directly to the hospital’s image management and IT systems.

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What is Bleepa®?

Bleepa is a secure instant messaging system that shares clinical grade medical images on personal devices such as phone or tablet.

What does it do?

Bleepa speeds up care for patients by connecting all the members of the clinical team, enabling rapid collective decision making and secure sharing of information.

There are lots of messaging systems around, why is it so different to what is being used today?

Bleepa shares clinical quality images direct from the hospital imaging archiving (PACS) system combined with the secure messaging channel enabling interaction between colleagues.

Doctors already have access to images in hospitals - why do they need to have a remote system?

Frequently the front-line clinician eg in A&E or orthopaedics needs a second opinion from a colleague who is remote. Bleepa gives the ability to contact, review and discuss images in real time with minimal disruption.

I have heard that doctors are already sharing pictures for free, why should they pay for Bleepa®?

Commercially available platforms only have the ability to share photographs which do not have sufficient detail or review capabilities. Crucially many platforms do not conform to the legal requirements of protecting patient confidentiality. Bleepa allows manipulation of the original images for detailed review and communication within a secure encrypted platform.

Do you need to be a radiologist to use it?

No, Bleepa is designed to connect the entire clinical team, doctors and all allied healthcare professionals involved in patient care, giving them the ability to share information, review medical images and gain consensus with colleagues.

Will it remove the need for a radiologist review?

No, Bleepa is designed for immediate decision-making. New images or scans will continue to be reported subsequently by radiologists as part of the patient review.

How much does it cost?

Bleepa will be sold on a subscription basis, there are some minimal set-up costs and then a monthly fee based on the number of people using the system. We are pleased to discuss individual needs

Can I buy one for my personal use?

To maximise the utility of Bleepa it is envisaged that a whole department or hospital will invest to allow everyone to benefit from it.

If a hospital adopts it, what difference will it make to patient care?

Feedback Medical believes that Bleepa will be transformational in the way clinicians communicate which will allow quicker decision-making and patient intervention. The chat data will be available for review by the hospital for medical or legal review if needed.

How do you know it is secure and confidential?

Bleepa development will allow organisations to comply with data protection guidelines, such as those required by the NHS. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest and will be stored securely.

Who controls the data?

The hospital controls that data, which will be managed by Feedback Medical on behalf of the customer (hospital). It will not be used for any other purposes or exchanged with any third parties.

How can I get to see a demo?

Bleepa will be launched at the NHS Expo in Manchester on September 4th and 5th where it will be demonstrated, with technical and user experts on hand. We are also pleased to arrange individual demonstrations to interested groups of users.

Do you work with every medical scanner manufacturer and PACS systems?

Bleepa is built on our tried-and-tested Cadran imaging platform, but is designed to connect to all DICOM compliant radiology and cardiology imaging systems.

What type of images can you read?

Bleepa can display all radiology and cardiology images including magnetic resonance, CT scans, x-rays, angiograms, ultrasound.

Can you include multiple users in the conversations?

Yes the messaging system allows all your specialists to review cases and log comments.

How does this differ from other social messaging Apps?

In other Apps such as WhatsApp the data belongs to the individual signed up users and is stored on their devices. The hospital has no visibility or control. There is nothing (other than code of conduct) to prevent users from sharing data with unauthorised people.

Bleepa will be released as healthcare software controlled by the hospital and the hospital will ultimately have responsibility for the data and its management (we will act as their agents).