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Developed by imaging experts for imaging experts, Cadran offers a comprehensive picture archiving storage, management and display system for medical images.

Cadran equips users with a flexible, convenient and secure platform for medical image handling from all imaging modalities using the DICOM standard. The Cadran PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) family consists of four key products which provide solutions including PACS for mid-scale departments, mini PACS for smaller, specialist user groups, individual image viewing at workstations and remote viewing wherever you are. These solutions offer clinical and productivity benefits which are both scalable and flexible.

Cadran was originally developed to support the needs of Royal Papworth Hospital, the UK’s largest specialist cardiothoracic hospital. Now Cadran facilitates doctors in some of the UK’s leading hospitals to use medical images for diagnosis, treatment planning, response measurement and knowledge sharing within multi-disciplinary teams.

We also provide consultancy services for medical image management within organisations, giving responsive and professional advice based on our many years knowledge and experience gained in the field.

DICOM Conformance

Cadran PACS offers a mid-scale image storage and management solution designed to accommodate DICOM images quickly and securely for long-term archiving of medical data.

It is ideal for new-builds, upgrades or departments looking to expand their PACS for clinical or research use.

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Cadran Mini PACS is a small-scale system for image storage and management, providing a specialist solution for small user groups.

It provides an ideal local solution for specialised or smaller imaging clinics, medical imaging experts working remotely, some medical practices or for small research groups.

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Cadran Viewer+ facilitates the display of medical images using a standard desktop PC or laptop. It provides individual users with an easy to use and efficient platform for image viewing and is convenient for reviewing work or preparing for talks and presentations.

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Cadran Web facilitates remote access to images for interactive discussion and review across a hospital site, or from one hospital to another without loss of data quality. You can access your central image library via the web, so images can be viewed wherever you are, using a laptop or PC.

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cadran Product Range

Cadran PACS: explore image storage, management and display for mid-scale departments.

Cadran Mini PACS: explore small-scale PACS for image storage, management and display within your specialist application.

Cadran Viewer+: image viewing platform for your individual work station.

Cadran Web: image viewing wherever you are.