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As of 24 March 2020

The Company’s issued share capital at the above date was 539,949,917 ordinary shares of 0.25 pence each. The percentage of shares not held in public hands and insofar as the Company is aware (as defined by AIM rule 26) was 26.4%.

Shareholders with more than 3% holding were:

Shareholder Total Interest % issued shared capital
Thomas Charlton 120,000,000 22.22%
Jonathan Cranston 42,000,000 7.78%
Barclays Nominees 31,311,640 5.80%
MD Barnard 16,666,667 3.09%

The Directors who hold shares are:

Director Total Interest % issued shared capital
Simon Sturge 12,833,333 2.38%
Prof. Rory Shaw 4,166,667 0.77%
Lindsay Melvin 1,016,667 0.19%