Bleepa is now available free to the NHS to protect staff and enable remote working during the Coronavirus outbreak


Bleepa® is a clinical grade messaging app that enables clinical teams to securely review medical images and make clinical management decisions using portable devices such as smartphones or tablets.

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Offer of Support To Frontline NHS Staff

Feedback Medical is offering access to Bleepa during COVID-19 crisis in order to protect staff and enable remote working during the CoronaVirus outbreak. Bleepa is the only solution that can allow remote image interpretation at the scale required to meet the challenges created by the CoronaVirus crisis. The platform allows any suitably trained clinician to review CoronaVirus imaging (or non CoronaVirus imaging) from home and seamlessly communicate with practitioners on the front-line about the case in question.

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Welcome To Feedback Medical

Feedback Medical is a specialist company providing innovative technology to benefit those working in the field of medical imaging.

Our products advance the work of radiologists, clinicians and medical researchers by improving workflows and giving unique insights into diseases, such as cancer.

Feedback’s proprietary technologies include TexRAD, software that quantifies texture biomarkers in radiological images, and Cadran our PACS solution. Our vision is to lead global innovation in medical imaging.

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Our Partners

We are pleased to be collaborating with Future Processing, a partnership which began 10 years ago.

Together with Future Processing, we have worked on advanced systems, in particular quantitative analysis of medical images. Find out more here…

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