Bleepa achieves CE Mark - Raising the bar for medical communication platforms


Bleepa is a clinical communication tool that combines secure instant messaging with the ability to see clinical grade medical images such as X-rays, CT and MRI scans. And its used on portable devices, such as smartphones or tablets. 

Remote communications

Bleepa is the essential tool for remote and secure communications between clinicians and teams. Above all, it’s an easy-to-use, digital medical imaging and communications platform. This means clinicians can safely view and discuss imaging and patient cases, all at the touch of a button.

Secure network

Additionally, Bleepa is a secure, encrypted and zero footprint application. This means that no patient data is stored locally on any device. In fact, its manufactured using processes that adhere to the ISO 13485 quality standard and Cyber Essentials Plus security standards. Furthermore, it’s the only communications platform on the NHSX clinical communications framework to be certified as a CE marked medical device for undertaking medical image review.

What doesBleepa do?

Bleepa streamlines the patient pathway by ensuring an efficient referral process, ease for the clinical team and a first-class patient experience.

Managing workloads

Bleepa offers truly networked care by supporting clinical referrals and treatment decisions within and between hospitals. As well as pan regionally. Additionally, Bleepa can be used on any internet-connected device, which makes it possible to maintain control of patient cases, even when working remotely. It’s also easy to create a secure network with all the information and function needed for clinicians to manage workloads more effectively. From the moment patients are registered, Bleepa can allow smoother and swifter transfer from one medical team to another. And from referral to decision, treatment, and exit.

Included withBleepa


Bleepa comes with a range of transformative features, such as:


  • Remote access to better clinical-grade medical images
  • Access from any internet-connected device on the go
  • Instant messaging and digital image annotation, which means treatment discussions and decisions are shared instantly among teams
  • Reliable, fast and secure calls and video conversations
  •  Secure, encrypted and zero footprint application, which means that no patient data is stored locally on any device


Bleepa is the future of clinical communication, by supporting clinical teams to work in the way they want to, for the benefit of patients, and it can be used for:

  • Virtual ward rounds
  • Inpatient and outpatient referrals
  • Multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Clinical second opinion services
  • Senior clinician engagement for junior doctors

Medical imaging

Medical imaging forms the basis of almost all clinical decision-making processes. As a result, flexible access on the go has never been more important for a quickly evolving workforce. Therefore, making it possible for frontline teams to see patient imaging, instant-messaging patient case chat and video calls. All of this supports them to make more informed decisions, faster. Thus, enabling better and safer patient care.