Veterinary service appoints Bleepa


Bleepa Feedback Medical Feedback PLC

We are delighted to announce that CVS Group, one of the UK’s leading providers of integrated veterinary services, has appointed Bleepa as its clinical communications platform for its equine division.

Equine division pilot

Following a successful pilot trial, CVS has adopted Bleepa for initial use in its equine division. Bleepa will be rolled out across 20 equine specialist surgeries. The current agreement will result in increased Bleepa users, and importantly, provides scope for a broader relationship with CVS.  Furthermore, this agreement highlights the scalability of Bleepa and the company’s ability to target non-NHS markets by tailoring the platform accordingly.

World-class veterinary care

CVS has a clear vision to be the veterinary company people most want to work for by providing the best clinical care through great talent, facilities, and equipment. Bleepa fits neatly into this drive to provide world-class animal care by providing their vets with its revolutionary clinical communications app. Bleepa enables vets in the field to securely connect with clinical colleagues for specialist advice and guidance whilst at the animal’s side.

‘Store and forward’ capability

As part of the pilot, Feedback worked closely with the CVS team to adapt Bleepa, providing all the features needed for veterinary service, both within the surgery but also out in the field. Until now vets have not been able to easily acquire X-rays in a field and share these with colleagues. Bleepa developed an image push capability that enables X-rays to be securely pushed from the X-Ray machine over a cellular network to the Bleepa platform. The platform then makes these images available to specialists for immediate review and discussion, allowing the correct treatment guidance for the injured animal to be communicated to the vet and be provided at first visit. This capability means that images can now be taken in any location and can be instantly shared with specialist colleagues for timely advice and guidance. This technology has clear applications in both military and rural care delivery in developing countries.

“CVS is an important partner for Feedback Medical Ltd and we are delighted to now be working with them officially. Their validation of our technology and expertise demonstrates the flexibility of Bleepa within new markets.  By purchasing Bleepa, CVS has evidenced a real commitment to empower its vets by connecting them with specialist colleagues at the point of care, ultimately resulting in excellent animal care at the touch of a button, anywhere in the world.” Dr Tom Oakley, CEO of Feedback Medical Limited  

“We are delighted to be working with Feedback Medical Limited as we roll out this innovative technology across our equine division. By introducing Bleepa, we will further enhance our clinical offering across the division and it will further enable us to give the best possible clinical care to our patients.” Hattie Lawrence, Equine Director at CVS