TexRAD Ltd presents at Big-Data, Radiomics and A.I. Symposium in Italy



TexRAD Ltd is looking forward to attending the Big-Data, Radiomics and A.I. Symposium on the 15th to 16th December 2017 in the City of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Dr. Balaji Ganeshan will be presenting on TexRAD texture analysis of medical images (CT, MRI) in oncology research and discussing the qualification-process of TexRAD as an imaging biomarker and its potential to translate TexRAD research software into clinical practice.

His presentation will take place on Friday 15th December at the Company Symposium 1, “Research, Products & Work in Progress”. The session commences at 14:05.

The title of the talk will be: Quantifying Tumour Heterogeneity with TexRAD Texture Analysis on CT and MR Data – Ready for Prime Time?

Follow the link for more details on the symposium: http://www.symposium.it/eventi/2017/big-data-radiomics-artificial-intelligence

TexRAD is pleased be one of the sponsors of this symposium