TexRAD gives guest lecture at the University Centre Hospitals of Coimbra, Portugal



Earlier this week, Dr Balaji Ganeshan was invited to give a guest lecture at the University Centre Hospitals of Coimbra in Portugal.

Dr Ganeshan gave a talk titled: “Quantifying Tumour Heterogeneity with TexRAD Texture Analysis on CT and MRI – Ready for Prime Time?” at the institute for biomedical imaging and life sciences. Furthermore, Dr Ganeshan was given a tour around the modern imaging and nuclear medicine facilities by the head of Radiology, Professor Caseiro Alves and colleagues.

Professor Alves will be presenting at the European Gastro abdominal radiology 2018 meeting in Ireland later this year. As part of his keynote lecture he will discuss his research findings using the TexRAD software. Dr Ganeshan said about the visit – “I am very impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities available and I look forward to seeing more great research using TexRAD come from this excellent university”