Qure.ai partnership announced


Bleepa Feedback Medical Feedback PLC

We are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with Qure.ai, an AI solution provider developing decision support tools for medical imaging professionals.

Feedback Medical and Qure.ai will explore the use of Bleepa as a digital infrastructure partner to access X-rays and other medical imaging studies from multiple care settings, for processing by Qure.ai’s AI algorithms, and as a vehicle for presenting the report generated back to clinicians. Bleepa will enable truly on-the-go access to the Qure.ai product suite through a clinician’s own mobile devices, facilitating access to AI interpreted patient imaging from any location on any internet-connected device in under a few minutes.


Qure.ai uses artificial intelligence to make healthcare more accessible and affordable and has a number of products addressing multiple clinical areas. Qure.ai’s qXR technology is capable of automated chest X-ray interpretation to help radiologists read X-rays in a faster and more accurate way. It can detect about 30 different abnormal findings on a chest X-ray, including screening of tuberculosis, lung nodules and quantify the progression of lung infection in various conditions such as Covid-19. Qure.ai additionally has AI tools like the qER relating to cross-sectional imaging which interprets head CT scans for triaging and early diagnosis of stroke and traumatic brain injuries.

TB screening in India

The partnership will evaluate product opportunities in multiple care settings both in India and the UK. An initial focus for the partnership is to support the delivery of TB screening to rural populations within India which rely on chest X-ray images for diagnosis. Currently, in rural settings it is difficult to get X-rays formally reported by a radiologist because there is no digital infrastructure to enable image sharing. Bleepa can facilitate the upload of the X-ray or in-field images for Qure.ai’s technology to assess on the spot. It can also display the AI-generated report to clinicians, enabling treatment to be given immediately and within the same appointment, even in rural settings. This combined solution will enable the TB screening programme to expand across disparate locations in India.

Qure.ai has deployments across 45+ countries and processes more than 15,000 scans daily. Qure’s qXR is CE marked and the World Health Organisation has endorsed it for TB screening and triage as an alternate of human readers.

The companies are also actively looking at opportunities in the UK following Qure.ai’s appointment to the NHSx AI Award programme. Given the breadth of capabilities of both products, there are applications for the solutions in multiple care settings.

Feedback Medical and Qure.ai

“We are delighted to be working with Qure.ai; …this is only the beginning to forging a pathway for a new global regime of diagnostic testing and screening. The combination of Qure.ai’s AI reporting capabilities through Bleepa’s instant and secure communications platform has the potential to provide timely, efficient and cost-effective care across a number of clinical settings. The companies are particularly excited to be working on screening for TB and to help deliver this to even the remotest of locations.  We have the potential here to build true access to healthcare for all in India. Although we are looking at India initially, Qure.ai are a great partner and their technologies hold just as much benefit here in the UK and we are excited to explore a number of opportunities for the technologies within the NHS and UK private market.”

Dr Tom Oakley, CEO, Feedback Medical

“We’re happy to partner with Feedback to enable remote and secure communications between frontline clinicians and their teams. Together, our solutions help improve coordination and communication to deliver quality diagnosis. Apart from TB, our technology detects 29 other abnormalities on chest X-rays. We plan to expand our offerings to the UK and other parts of the world to improve lung health diagnosis.”

Prashant Warier, CEO and co-founder, Qure.ai