Bleepa achieves CE Mark - Raising the bar for medical communication platforms

Support ToFrontline Staff

Bleepa is a secure instant messaging system with the ability to share clinical-grade medical images between a hospital PACS system and clinicians’ personal devices in real-time. It makes the discussion, review and decision-making surrounding PACS images faster and safer than ever before.

How Bleepa can support during COVID-19

Bleepa can support frontline teams during this challenging and unprecedented time to protect staff and enable remote working during the coronavirus outbreak. Bleepa is the only solution that can allow remote image interpretation at the scale required to meet the challenges created by the coronavirus crisis. The platform allows any suitably trained clinician to review coronavirus imaging (or non coronavirus imaging) from home and seamlessly communicate with practitioners on the frontline about the case in question.

The solution:

Bleepa enables any medical imaging investigation to be seamlessly shared between the entire clinical team, even if those teams are based at home. Unlike other messaging systems, images displayed on Bleepa are certified as being of clinical review quality in compliance with CE marking and RCR guidelines. Cases can be discussed through secure instant messaging and image annotation allowing decisions to be communicated instantly between team members, which is something that is not provided by traditional PACS vendors and is unique to our solution. Bleepa works on any internet-connected device including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops meaning that clinicians already have the hardware that they need at home


Bleepa is vendor neutral and can bolt onto any hospital PACS. Once connected Bleepa will enable network benefits including interhospital image viewing if required, clinicians from one site can be re-deployed to review imaging/input into cases at other sites as needed. It’s a single login and therefore easy for clinicians to access.

The need:

With PCR testing having low sensitivity, and taking 8 hours to yield a result, CXR and CT imaging are becoming the primary diagnostic tools in the coronavirus outbreak. This does however create a significant problem for healthcare providers:

There are not enough radiologists to report coronavirus studies in addition to existing non coronavirus case reporting commitments.

This shortfall can be infilled by consultant physicians and senior registrars who are able to interpret basic scans. However, as both radiologists and clinicians are forced to self-isolate there will be an increasing need for remote access to imaging software in order to undertake this work from home. Some radiologists are able to undertake reporting from home through trust devices linked via VPN connections to core hospital networks however this is not scalable in the short term and will not be able to cope with the number of clinicians who will need access from home, there are not enough trust devices and the VPNs are too cumbersome to enable workflow at this volume.

Security and quality:

From a governance perspective Bleepa is a secure, encrypted, zero footprint application meaning that no patient data is stored locally on any device. It is manufactured according to the ISO 13485 quality standard and is the only communication platform to be certified as a Class 1 CE marked device for undertaking medical image review.

Where Bleepa is used:

Bleepa was launched last year and has been deployed as a vehicle for handling inpatient referrals at Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust in Manchester. Bleepa was developed from our own PACS, CADRAN, which is the clinical PACS system powering Papworth Hospital and departments within Norfolk & Norwich and Whipps Cross hospitals; CADRAN is a technology that has been vigorously clinically tested over a period of more than 19 years of frontline healthcare delivery.

We are here to support frontline clinicians and are ready to mobilise where needed.

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