Feedback Medical supports NHSE review of diagnostic services


Bleepa Feedback Medical Thought Leadership

Feedback Medical Ltd supports the publication of Professor Mike Richards’ review of diagnostic services for NHS England on Thursday 1 October – Diagnostics: Recovery and Renewal.

The review’s proposals will help save lives and improve people’s quality of life including for cancer, stroke, heart disease and respiratory conditions. Presented at NHS England’s board meeting on the same day, the review includes the following recommendations:

  • Tests for emergency and elective diagnostics should be separate, to reduce hold-ups for patients
  • CT scanning capacity should be doubled over the next five years to meet increasing demand and to match other developed countries
  • Tests for heart and lung diseases need to be enhanced given the link to coronavirus
  • More staff need to be trained to undertake screening colonoscopies
  • The imaging workforce needs to be expanded as soon as possible with 2,000 additional radiologists and 4,000 radiographers as well as other support staff

Dr Tom Oakley, Feedback Medical CEO, said:

“This report highlights the central role of medical imaging in all clinical pathways and the growing need to address clinical workflow to maximise the availability of imaging to both clinicians and patients. As a leader in the imaging revolution, our flagship product.”

With medical imaging forming the basis of almost all clinical decision-making processes, flexible access on the go has never been more essential for a rapidly evolving workforce. Equipping frontline teams with the ability to see patient imaging, alongside instant-messaging-based case discussion and video calls can support them to make more informed decisions faster, enabling better, safer patient care.

Bleepa is the essential tool for remote, secure communications between clinicians and teams – an easy-to-use, digital medical imaging communications platform that enables clinicians to safely view and discuss imaging and patient cases at the touch of a button.