Bleepa TB screening pilot now live in Odisha


Bleepa Feedback Medical Feedback PLC

Feedback Medical is pleased to announce that its cloud TB screening service is now live at the Evangelical Hospital Khariar in Odisha, India.

The service sees digital X-rays securely transmitted via mobile networks to the cloud where the images are analysed by Feedback’s partner, before being shared with clinicians. Using Bleepa’s pioneering capabilities a screening result can be available within minutes of an X-ray being acquired, almost anywhere in India.

The impact of this technology means that TB screening can now be expanded to rural areas where digital imaging was difficult to deliver. This enables current TB screening services to reach more people and grow the number of their existing screening contracts.

The pilot, run in partnership with and Amazon Web Services will now move into an evaluative stage where the system benefits will be measured as patients come through. 

“India has made massive strides in the development and adoption of medical technology to support the diagnosis and treatment of diseasesWe are confident that our pilot programmewill demonstrate the value oftheBleepa Box to help rapidly screen for and diagnoseTB, particularly in remote, resource-scarce locations where this has been a challenge,”

Dr Thomas Oakley, CEO, Feedback Medical