Bleepa achieves CE Mark - Raising the bar for medical communication platforms

Bleepa, the leading CE certified imaging & communications platformnow available on the NHSx Clinical Communication Tools Framework

Dr Tom Oakley, Feedback Medical CEO"Frontline medical staff want to provide the very best care for patients, but are often frustrated by the failure of technology to keep pace with the demands of a fast-paced modern hospital environment. Bleepa is our response."

WelcomeTo Bleepa®

Feedback Medical are proud to launch Bleepa®, a product that combines secure instant messaging with the ability to see clinical grade medical images including X-rays, CT and MRI scans, using portable devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Bleepa is the future of clinical communication and supports clinical teams to work in the way they want to, for the benefit of patients.

Bleepa, the leading CE certified imaging & communications platform, now available on the NHSx Clinical Communication Tools Framework.


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Bleepa gains CE Mark

Raising the bar for medical communication platforms

All clinical communication platforms that display digital images of patients for the purpose of diagnosis are classed as medical devices under the MD Directive guidelines and require a CE mark. The Directors of Feedback believe that Bleepa is the only communication platform to address the UK market that has met MD Directive certification requirements.


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"This [Bleepa] is a great example of industry and NHS partnership working collaboratively to support innovation and improve user experience and care outcomes."
Dr Georges Ng Man Kwong
Chief Clinical Information Officer and Respiratory Consultant
"The referral form in Bleepa allowed us to capture really important clinical information about the patient which, not only is it important to allow us to plan treatment, it also gave the clinicians more information, in one place, at one time, in order to aid them to triage patients’ requirements."
Janine Beattie
EPR Clinical Configuration Lead
"The need for quick & direct communication has only increased with the COVID pandemic - we can’t just travel and meet people as freely in the hospital environment, we need a solution to that problem and Bleepa has really offered that."
Dr Nevan Meghani
Respiratory Registrar
"What Bleepa has hopefully taken away is the ‘dreaded’ bleep, and some of the other methods of referrals as well, so that we have one unified referral method."
Dr Huw Pursell
Gastroenterology Registrar

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Access medical images wherever you are

Analyse and message with colleagues

Instant decision making

Suitable for Android and iOS devices


Encrypted and secure

Review and manipulate regions of interest

Active link to medical image archive (PACS)

Audit trail of decisions